Beauty pageants are making a come back. They are a great money spinner.

Line up the women, pick which one is The Best. Looks, intelligence, whether they are funny, how nice their breasts are.Women compete with each other and the rest are there to judge them. Crown the best girl.

Let’s smash all beauty contests!

With creative and diverse tactics we can
break the cage of what it means to be a woman.

We are a group of women and men who have had enough of the mainstream normalisation of sexism in daily life, through the media and in many subtle and insidious ways within the fabric of culture and society’s interactions.

121 Entertainment, who runs the Miss University London Beauty Pageant, is a private enterprise which was created in order to make money out of young women’s insecurities and society’s disproportionate attention on their physical appearance and sexual currency.  They saw it as a gap in the market, and in true neo-liberal style, sidestepped any moral critique, and even worse, attempted to recuperate the feminist struggle for equality by claiming that the contest was ’empowering’.

Equality struggles have been undermined, marginalised and dismissed since the backlash against the women’s liberation movements of the seventies, and we see the effects of this everywhere.  We see the Miss University London Pageant as a particularly vivid and tangible expression of the casual creeping back of sexism under the guise of ‘post-feminism’, and for this reason we chose to stand up against it.

Furthermore, in having a beauty pageant as a focus, we are paying a tribute to our mothers’ generation who did such amazing work in the women’s lib movements allover the world,exploding into public view with the Miss America Pageant in 1968, and the Miss World protest at the London Albert Hall in 1970.

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or input, or disagree with us and want to engage in a dialogue about it, please contact us at smashmisscontest@googlemail.com



4 responses to “About

  1. Sharlene

    What are you aiming to do?

    Ban the contests? Isn’t that devoiding people of choices in life, the very thing feminists aspire to do the opposite of!?

  2. I support this 100%. I once read an article about a Miss Teen Contest and once girl brought her flute hoping there would be a talent contest but alas there was not. The only part where they were not judged on looks was when they were asked questions about drawing flowers, some sort of personality question. And there was one girl as young as 9 plucking her eyebrows and getting a spray tan. A size 6 thought her legs were fat. She won. Everyone knows they are exploiting, and it’s about time people did something about them.

  3. Ana

    Amazing! Love the idea and support it a 100%. I wish we could make a smash miss contest here in my country, Costa Rica!! If you can send me more information I’ll appreciate it! Thanks so much and good luck!

    • smashmisscontest

      Dear Ana,

      Thanks very much for your kind words, we are proud of this action and all the knowledge we gained from it. Please let me know what kind of information would you need to carry out this kind of action in Costa Rica, I will personally send it to you, with Spanish translations if you need them

      With love and in sisterhood,

      Tina @ Smashmisscontest

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