Miss world originally started off as a one off contest called the, ‘Festival Bikini Vontest’, but the British press gave it the name Miss World. Eric Morley first came up with the idea in 1951, and in the 60’s Morley famously summed up what Miss World was looking for; ‘Girls between 17 and 25, ideally five foot seven, eight or nine stone, waist 22-24’’, hips 35-36’’, no more no less, a lovely face, good teeth, plenty of hair, and perfectly shaped legs front and back- carefully checked for defects such as slightly knocked knees’.

Perhaps this is the point women began to actually worry about their weight and what sparked the diet and health industry to gain in popularity. With Morley’s requirements public is it any wonder women started to question the reason for this procession of female bodies to  be leered at on TV and classed as family viewing?

(more info about the anti miss world riots in


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