The effects of the SMASH

Here at Smash towers, we have been eagerly following the 2010 edition of the backlash-fest that is the MISS UNIVERSITY LONDON BEAUTY PAGEANT.

Interestingly enough, this year there were NO LOCAL HEATS. For once those louts at 1-2-1 entertainment have made a good decision…after clocking the sheer volume of disgust and disapproval directed at every stage of the contest last year, I guess they thought such an extended contest was a  BAD IDEA, and they have reduced opportunities for protest/action/disruption by limiting the extravaganza to ONE NITE ONLY, at tackfest Movida, beloved of posh white kids all through SW london.

Anyway, us smashies are taking this as  A GLORIOUS TRIUMPH for us, and for all the awesome people who stood up and said, actually, no thanks! to this outdated pervy show that does the ladies NO FAVOURS.


Also, we missed this piece last year, turns out one of our ideas for the run up to the contest actually worked pretty well!

HA HA you gotta love the evening standard. Cheers for that christian, we hadn;t realised it was so effective!



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