Hollaback is a collective which highlights and aims to combat the kind of daily street harassment that women have to deal with. This harassment (hey baby, nice tits, etc etc) is the sort of casual sexism which seems so ingrained in our culture due in no small part to the constant sexualisation of women and the standardising of the idea that women’s bodies are public property. This is the sort of thing that is fed into by beauty contests, lads mags etc, and has a daily and wearing effect on women’s psyches, constantly reminding us that our bodies can be judged/commented on at all times.

Sometimes, people don’t seem to understand hot tiring and cumulatively abusive this sort of interaction is. Sometimes men act like it’s a compliment, and that we should be grateful for the attention. Now we can direct doubters to the Hollaback UK site which has recently gone live, which provides a delightful compendium of the kind of war stories we collect from daring to walk down the street. 

Check it out: http://hollaback-uk.blogspot.com/


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