Femmestruation Week in Edinburgh

Shout out to the Edinburgh Anarcha-feminist Kolektiv who are putting on an exciting sounding project… check it out x x x x

Hello fellow feminists and cunts! We’d like to invite you to get involved with our first project as the Edinburgh Anarcha-Feminist Kolektiv – Femmestruation Week, held at tepooka. In short, this week will run from 13th – 20th February 2010 in Edinburgh; starting heaving and ending light, this week-long exploration of menstruation will involve gigs, comedy, spoken-word performances, workshops, zine stalls, talks, art installations, video displays and much more to be contributed. It would be fantastic if you – or any bands/performers/distros etc. that you know of – could contribute to this week. We are putting on a gig (with music, menstrual comedy & spoken word performances), which will be on the 13th of February 2010 to begin the week. If you would like to contribute art, zines, poetry, or put on workshops and talks, make fliers, offer advice, etc. then that would be equally as fantastic. We would love for you to be involved, and we are happy to provide spaces for you to crash during your stay. Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon, Anna Lucine and Becca




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