SMC and lots of lovely Feminists Live at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

Sunday 10th May


The Red Room Platform presents:

Women’s Edition 6-9pm(bar open until midnight) / Price: by donation

Booking or information: 0777 933 0434.

Feminism is dead so they say…But is this true? Leading artists, activists and thinkers across generations get together to reveal feminism and it’s place in our lives today. Come and join us for a dynamic evening of debate, performance and provocation. Women’s Edition features: Lois Weaver, David Hoyle, Anna Furse, The Muffia, Olusola Oyeleye, Rosa Goncalves, Karena Johnson, Semsem Kuherhi, Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambaksh, The Vacuum Cleaner, Smash Miss Contest, plus a host of special guests (t.b.c),



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2 responses to “SMC and lots of lovely Feminists Live at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

  1. I think feminism is struggling.

    To be honest, Jacqui Smith, Vera Baird, Harriet Harman, so long as that is on the table, stuff can’t be taken seriously.

    On the other hand, direct action to deal with Miss Polytechnic UK or whatever, that works.

    Political feminism in the UK, is spudsville, parochial, needs a primer, is out of the loop, not frontline ready,

    That’s why it is irrelevant, you need to do politics properly, and understand, that a New Labour female, is as useless to your cause as a strip club owner.

  2. ccon

    Hi, I think it’s great you showing the clip of the contest. It’s the third time I guess I see it and I’ve always felt missing the bits going on outside. . . it was a powerful protest it would be nice to have footage of it (or pics) with your doc. xeers

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