Text from the Action

Dear Contestants and Audience,

This is a letter from those fuckers who interrupted your night.  This is why we did it: 

  • Because if you think it’s fine to judge women against each other, go work on an eating disorder help line for a week and think again.
  • Because if you have some kind of post-feminist logic that says feminism just isn’t sexy and you wanna be sexy, you should check out Bikini Kill or Peaches.
  • Because if you think it’s just a bit of harmless fun, then you should know you are actively reproducing ideas and structures which harm womens’ minds and lives – to do with physical appearance and roles in life, about relationships and ambitions, all the things that tell us we’re too sexy or not sexy enough, we’re too aggressive or too passive – the cage of what women are expected to be.
  • Because if you think gender roles are ‘natural’, stop kidding yourself and learn to have more gender-bending fun.
  • Because if you think there’s only one way to be sexy, you’re clearly shit in bed.
  • Because if you think depicting oneself or women in general as ‘pretty’ and ‘nice’ and ‘passive’ and ‘weak’ has nothing to do with why men rape women, then read up on ‘misogyny’ – we’re all trained to hate women for having these traits, and that’s a big part of why men rape women.
  • Because if you think it’s nice to be applauded for being young and pretty, wait till you’ve lived a bit longer and have some wrinkles, and that acclaim is ripped away from you. The more you relish the glory now, the more painful it’ll be when you’re ignored or mocked for growing older.
  • Because we are not going to patronize you, although its sad you need this external approval. You’ve made your choices but it’s not just about you; what you’re participating in affects women outside this club as well as inside; it’s a degradation and an insult and you’re complicit in the fucked up system it’s perpetuating.

Yours sincerely,




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3 responses to “Text from the Action

  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  3. Laura

    Okay, i’m just going to say a few things. Firstly, before you criticize me I am a young student currently studying for her finals, perhaps hoping to do a Phd. I did not participate in the Beauty Contest, nor did I have any part to do with it- I merely treated it with apathy and worked on my dissertation instead. I can understand your grievances, and frustration that women are being told by men and other women complicit in the beauty contest that their role is merely as a submissive beauty queen rather than an intellectual equal. But I take offense at some of the statements expressed in this article

    Firstly, to argue any women who judges others is complicit in an eating disorder is taking it to extremes. Anorexia, although fuelled by certain images of glamourous emancipated women, is a personal mental problem, and it is unfair to tell other women that they are responsible for the collective well being of all other girls. To infer that the perpetuation of the notion that ‘nice’ and ‘pretty’ girls encourage rapists to ravage women is in itself offensive; rapists are psychologically disturbed individuals, whose abhorrent behaviour does not represent most attitudes towards ‘nice’ and pretty girls

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