Protest Groups Disrupt Miss University London




11.03.09    4:30 AM


Protest groups disrupt Miss University London beauty pageant.


“Now I know why my mother’s generation did what they did in the 60s.  I feel amazing.  Tonight we did what we said we would – we smashed Miss University London!”

       Martina Pasonaria, 30, Musician


At 1.30am this morning a group calling themselves SMASH MISS CONTEST infiltrated Miss University London and caused disruption throughout the event with stink bombs and personal alarms, culminating with a stage invasion bringing the show to a halt during the announcement of the winner.  A questionnaire and open letter to participants were scattered to the audience, contestants and compere.


Miss University London re-emerged two years ago amongst widespread controversy.  Set up by 121entertainment, led by Christian Emile, the event drew in three different protest groups.  Miss-Ogyny, a group specifically set up to resist the pageant’s presence on campus, rallied opposite the entrance.  They were joined by The Space Hijackers who handed out tissues to men queuing for the pageant.


“They couldn’t hide what the event was – a crass judgement of women based on their looks, all so that they could make money.”

       Helen Bradshaw, 21, Student




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