LINKZ – some further reading

The mainstream media have picked up on this debate, and there’s quite a bit of post-feminist misogyny in some of them (hello the daily mail) and a little bit of interesting analysis.

And there are quite a few sad-making quotes from some of the people involved.

eg, one of the ladies competing: ‘I feel that we are all being judged all the time, whenever we walk down the street, so why not just do it for real?’

And a quote from the organiser, Christian Emile:

” I don’t think it objectifies women,” he says. “If you talk to any of the contestants, they will tell you it is actually empowering. They get their moment in the spotlight, it’s a bit of fun.”

Herewith massive list of articles:,8599,1865900,00.html–claiming-womens-right-amid-storm-protest.html



bye for now xx


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